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   Below the three components of the SyslogServer suite can be downloaded.

      Datagram SyslogServer
Central installation to receive events from SyslogAgents and other syslog message generators.

SyslogServer, x32, version 2.3.2, February 2014
For both x32 and x64.

      Datagram SyslogView

GUI to inspect events and alarms. Multiple clients can attach to one SyslogServer.

SyslogView, version 2.3.0, June 2011

      Datagram SyslogAgent (Free software)
Forwards events from the local Windows installation to the central SyslogServer installation.

SyslogAgent, 32 bit, version 3.6, June 2011

SyslogAgent, 64bit, version 3.6, June 2011

Registry template
For large scale deployment edit
this registry file for your needs.

Old Versions can be found here .

Edition differences can be found here.

SyslogAgent source code can be found here.

Version histories can be found here .

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